Evaluation of Sports Car Crashworthiness Reveal Results

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) recently tested 2016 models of popular sports cars for crashworthiness and not one earned a TOP SAFETY PICK award. Evaluation done on sports cars differs from those of conventional sedans because these muscle cars are meant for fast driving. Hence, a comprehensive crash protection for occupants of the sports car is all-important.

In the IIHS evaluation, the 2016 models for Chevrolet Camaro, Ford Mustang and Dodge Challenger were subjected to a series of crashworthiness tests. The Mustang earned the best ratings and the Challenger got the least. The Camaro failed in one category and did not have a front crash prevention system. However, none mustered the points needed for a TOP SAFETY PICK award.

The highest award, the TOP SAFETY PICK+, is based on an evaluation of the vehicle on five classifications, namely the small overlap front, moderate overlap front, head restraint, roof strength and front crash prevention system. Good ratings are necessary for the first four categories and the front crash prevention system must have a rating of advanced or superior.

Ordinarily, the nonprofit organization of car insurers does not conduct crash tests on sports cars because they are not popular purchases. However, its engineers opted to assess the three models with optional V-8 engines because they are the most in-demand among this category of cars and potential customers usually ask about their crashworthiness.

Information from insurers show that sports cars have high losses, usually for crash damage repairs under collision coverage. Since sports cars, by the nature of their use, are at high risk for crashes, they should have the best crash protection for their occupants. The Mustang, although the highest rated of the three, has only an acceptable rating in the small overlap front, making it one point away from the TOP SAFETY PICK award.

Lawyers at a Fort Worth car accident law firm agree that injuries from a sports car crash are always almost more serious because the speed at which they are driven, even if not in a race, causes more impact. Victims of a sports car crash should seek legal counsel to claim the maximum compensation for injuries or death.