Monthly Archives: July 2016

IIHS Headlight Test Reveal a Need for Improvement of Most Cars

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety conducted its first-ever headlight evaluation on 31 mid-size cars and believe it or not, the Toyota Prius v was the only one to earn a good rating. Eleven cars’ headlights had a rating of acceptable, nine were rated marginal and ten were rated poor. Luxury vehicles, in spite of […]


Use “Crashes,” Not “Accidents,” Road Safety Proponents Urge Public

Road safety proponents are calling for a change in terminology to describe traffic incidents from “accidents” to “crashes.” These advocates include federal authorities, state and local officials and the citizenry. The word accident, according to them, diminishes the significance of the No. 1 cause of road incidents, which is human error. It’s a mindset that […]